Tea Tree Oil Uses

Acne treatment

Acne treatment

Add 3 drops of tea tree oil to 500ml warm water and mix. Dip a cotton wool in the water & oil mixture and wipe face with the cotton wool.

You can also add 2 drops of tea tree oil to a soap free face wash, mix properly and use as normal.

Alternatively, use a combination of the Thursday Plantation Acne Care Range.

Treatment for bad breath

Tea tree oil can be used for mouth care to treat bad breath. Simply add 3 drops of tea tree oil to a cup of warm water. Use the solution as a mouthwash two to three times daily. Always spit out the mixture and do not swallow it.

Alternatively you may also use the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Toothpaste, which is sugar-free and free of flouride.

Tea tree oil for bad breath
Treatment for cold sores

Treatment for cold sores

As soon as you feel the tingle of a cold sore about to erupt, place a drop of tea tree oil onto a cotton bud and dab the affected area.

Apply 3-5 times per day.

Treats nasal congestion

Add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in a bowl with 500ml of steaming water and inhale the steam.

Alternatively add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to your humidifier.

Treats nasal congesion
Removes dandruff

Removes dandruff

Add 10 drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo, mix and wash as per normal.

Use as a disinfectant

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil has the antibacterial power which makes it 99.9% effective in combating common household germs.

Fill a 500ml spray bottle with water and add 5-6 drops of Tea Tree Oil. Close and shake well. Spray area that needs disinfecting.

use as disinfectant