Suggestions for: Disinfectant use

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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil has the antibacterial power which makes it 99.9% effective in combating common household germs.

Fill a 500ml spray bottle with water and add 5-6 drops of Tea Tree Oil. Close and shake well. Spray area that needs disinfecting.

We have started adding this tea tree oil to our hand soap at our preschool and it leaves hands feeling so clean and smelling fantastic! it seems to work wonders as a natural antibacterial additive to soap.


Randpark Ridge

Thursday Plantation’s Tea Tree oil is so pure and reliable. It is my go-to product for every thing in my house from adding to my kids shampoo to avoid picking up nits in pre-school (so far so good) to making a gargle for sore throats and treating wounds. I even use it in my rinse water to wash my face when I get the odd zit. Honestly just an all-round amazing product!



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