Treatment suggestions for: Ticks and Fleas

Thursday Plantation Icon - Ticks and Fleas

Apply 1 drop of tea tree oil directly onto tick and it will unlatch.

For fleas, add 1 drop of oil to 1 liter of dog shampoo and wash as normal.

Love this tea tree oil! It has so many uses but the best for me is that it helps keep fleas away form my precious pooches 🙂


Cape Town

I purchased this product to use on my son’s Staffie pup who got Demodetic Mange, it is not contagious but I don’t think its very comfortable. I took the pup to the vet he is on medication, but the pup was scratching himself until he bled. So I used a few drops of the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil in a bit of warm water and applied it to the affected areas with cotton wool. After his bath I also rinse the pup with tea tree and warm water. I have noticed a huge improvement, pup is not scratching anymore, the dry skin area is no longer dry and scabs have healed and NO Fleas !! There are 101 different uses for this amazing product, everyone should try it just once and they will never be without it…


Port Elizabeth

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