Treatment suggestions for: Warts

Thursday Plantation Icon - Warts
Apply 1 drop of tea tree oil directly onto the wart. Repeat two to three times a day and continue until wart dissolves. This may take several weeks. Please note we recommend seeking advice from a Healthcare Professional for genital warts.

Thursday Plantation TTO is a must in our home. I put it in a spray bottle diluted with water and use in on my linen because of our dogs, who love to jump into bed with us especially now in winter. I also spritz it on my feet or in my shoes to prevent fungal infections. I have removed skin tags on my neck and chest area, and am currently using it to treat my son’s warts… it is taking a while but it’s because he doesn’t apply it regularly enough.



I have tried this product on my warts it is amazing. My warts cleared up. it is good for fungal infections.



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