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Tea tree oil is a miracle product. Soothes burns, itches, allergies and even head lice. I always have this at home


Cape Town | WC

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is a medicine cabinet in a single bottle. I never travel without it for its natural antiseptic properties as well as being an insect repellent. In the house it is essential for making environmentally-friendly household cleaning agents, cosmetics and shampoo. Life without tea tree oil is just too difficult to fathom.


Westville | KZN

I have always been a believer in Tea Tree Oils / gels. When i got to sample this one, just so happens i burnt myself the same day and decided to test this product on my burn, 10 minutes later, the red burnt patch was gone and the burning sensation was gone! I have recommended this product to all my friends and Family and I keep a bottle in my handbag at all times, just in case 🙂


Morningside | KZN

This is honestly an amazing product that I will continue to use on a daily basis. My skin cannot go without it I apply it to my face at night just one to two drops with coconut oil and what the tea tree oil does, it prevents breakouts on my skin. If I skip one night a pimple comes out to say hello. What I have also used it as the other day when I took a tick off my pet, I diluted it with water and applied with cotton and couple of days later, it was fine and healing. Great product.


Port Elizabeth | EC

I have been using Thursday Plantation’s Tea tree oil for a fungal treatment for the past month and finally decided that I can give a proper review of the product. It’s like magic!!! My nail fungus is finally beaten and the toenail is starting to improve visibly. NO mess NO fuss and simple application with a cotton bud. What a pleasure. I had cortisone creams and all sorts of dangerous sounding medications to no avail the nail just didn’t respond until I used the Tea Tree oil and now no discomfort when I wear my work shoes and no ugly toenail so I will be able to wear sandals without embarrassment.


Port Shepstone | KZN

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My daughter started using Thursday plantation tea tree oil for her acne and after using so many other products this has been the best for her skin and acne.

Her skin is not as red and her acne has significantly improved.


Simonstown | WC

This product enjoys pride of place in my medicine cabinet. I use nothing else to deal with scrapes, infections and cuts.

I have tried other tea tree products, but the Thursday Plantation brand is the highest quality tea tree that we have available to us in South Africa.

I recommend it especially to all moms with small kids as it is gentle but potent. First aid in one bottle.


Cape Town | WC

My husband broke his ankle last month and had to undergo major surgery , now has pins and plates in his ankle not to mention the horrible unsightly operation scar which is still healing I’ve been applying Thursday plantation tea tree around the wound and it’s just been keeping the area clean and the wound itself seems to derive some benefit and it’s healing nicely, I rub it as well onto my kids palms before going to school and a slight bit to gargle if we have a sore throat, I love it for its very many uses and to actually see it work is a miracle in itself.


Hurlingham | GT

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this product… I carry one with me everywhere. Use it on sunburn, insect bites, cuts scratches everything…. It’s a fantastic product. I’ve tries other brands but Thursday Plantation is just the best.


Cape Town | WC

Love this tea tree oil! It has so many uses but the best for me is that it helps keep fleas away from my precious pooches. I dilute a few drops in a spray bottle and lightly spray it on their bedding and blankets 🙂


Cape Town | WC

I always have Tea Tree at home and I only use Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree saved me from having an operation many years ago. I had terrible bleeding piles and was using medication that the GP had prescribed which only made the problem worse. I went to see a specialist who wanted me to have an op the same day but as my children was small and husband was working away from home I could not have an op. I sat twice a day, morning and nigh,t in the bath in which I had put in a couple of drops of Tea Tree and enough water to cover the area that needed healing. I did this for about 5 days which cleared up the problem and I have never suffered from bleeding piles again. Wonderful product which gets a 10 out of 10 from me.


Johannesburg | GT

An absolute brilliant product. I use it for bruises cuts sore nose and drop or two in a dry herbs to give an aroma with a twist to a bathroom. So natural so healing and speedy too.


Cape Town | WC

Works very well on ingrown toe nails. Also apply two drops on toothpaste on toothbrush for wonderfully clean teeth. Removes plaque and helps heal and prevent gum disease. Can’t live without my Tea Tree Oil.


Celtisdal | GT

Love Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil to bits, I suffer from Asthma and most nights struggle to sleep properly, and this works like a bomb for that few drops on your pillow and your good to go, cant live without it anymore always on my shopping list, the other day my Little one had some sort of bite on his leg that was itchy and this helped immediately!


Middelburg | MP

Besides fungal infections under the toe nail (my father-in-law, the sceptic ’till I insisted he apply it), it works great for cuticles – damaged or not ! This besides all the other great uses – chicken pox: add a few drops to the bath water. I’m never without a bottle and take it with me wherever I go!


Alberton | GT

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I can sincerely say Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is a ‘must have’ for every home. I use it for my grandkids when they have bruises, rashes or eczema. I also add a few drops to their bath water to keep them germ free. I find it stops cold sores when the tingling begins, and also stops itchy scalp. I am never without my tea tree oil and highly recommend it to all my friends.It is also a good fungus fighter and I add it to my foot baths to keep my feet fresh and fungal free.


Cape Town | WC

I purchased this product to use on my son’s Staffie pup who got Demodetic Mange, it is not contagious but I don’t think its very comfortable. I took the pup to the vet he is on medication, but the pup was scratching himself until he bled. So I used a few drops of the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil in a bit of warm water and applied it to the affected areas with cotton wool. After his bath I also rinse the pup with tea tree and warm water. I have noticed a huge improvement, pup is not scratching anymore, the dry skin area is no longer dry and scabs have healed and NO Fleas !! There are 101 different uses for this amazing product, everyone should try it just once and they will never be without it…


Port Elizabeth | EC

This product is wonderful & has so many uses. Beside relieving dry skin, irritation, etc… mixed with your face wash is terrific for clear, rejuvenated skin. In fact, it helps with a variety of skin ailments. Also great if added to our shampoo, prevents dandruff. A few drops in the corner of your pet’s beds will keep fleas away, added to a humidifier will help relieve asthma, in fact a drop or 2 mixed with 1tsp olive oil will relieve earaches. the list is endless. A “must have” in all our cabinets!


Randburg | GT

When both my girls came home with head lice from school I did not want to use the lice removeable products on the market because of all the bad reviews that i heard and read about. A friend of mine recommended that i get Thursday Tea Tree oil. I bought a bottle and poured the entire bottle in a 500ml of shampoo. I washed their hair with the Thursday Tea Tree oil infused shampoo once a day for three days. By the third day they were lice free. This happened nearly 5yrs ago. I still wash their hair once a month with this concoction and they are still lice free.



Have been using this for years. A couple of drops in the bath water = no thrush. A couple of drops in the rinse water = no lice.


Centurion | GT

I use this for everything and it is brilliant. To disinfect wounds, get rid of skin tags etc. EVERYTHING!!! I never go without it.


Cape Town | CT

I am never without this brand of Tea Tree oil.I have tried other brands but I find this one is the best.It definitely is a first Aid kit in a bottle. Use a drop with your toothpaste when brushing teeth. Used on a tooth abscess while away at sea. Dabbed on with cotton bud. Within three days it had gone away. Used on a friends staphylococcus wound and it healed. Good for mosquito bites too. Helped with chronic bronchitis..a few drops in a basin of boiling water and inhaled.. Its absolutely magic! I recommend THURSDAY PLANTATION tea tree oil to everyone I know.


Cape Town | WC

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